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WELCOME  to jamesbond-asia.Com

This site has been created to display the James Bond related items that I have collected from the early 1960's
to date, which began  as it did for a lot of collectors with the introduction of the Gold Aston Martin DB5 by
Corgi ( No 261 ) , which was actually Corgi's DB4 , with modifications of course.

Within the pages of this site you will find only photographs, with titles and maybe a little dialogue . You will
not find any articles regarding the films , actors , news, current affairs etc. All these subjects are already well
documented on existing websites and far better than I could detail.

Some of the items in my collection have been collected from various places in the World  ranging from  UK,
Europe, USA to the Far East. Some of my items I have not seen listed on other websites and some items are
what you would list as " unlicensed  products " . Where items have been procured from counties other than
the UK , the country has been stated next to the relevant item

I hope visitors to the site enjoy it and should anyone feel the need to comment on any part of the content, or
offer advice , I would be pleased to hear from you and will answer all e-mails if required

Thank you for visiting.

( On most pages just click on the item photograph to view SUPERSIZE )

Fellow Collectors,

At present non of the items shown in this site are for sale

Thank you.

Created July 12th 2009
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